Farming Simulator 14 Review

After a surprising level of success from the original Farming Simulator, Giants Software hopes to recreate the farming phenomenon again with their latest entry, Farming Simulator 14. This latest entry for the Nintendo 3DS allows players to farm on the go, and in ways that they never have before. Some may consider Farming Simulator 14 to be a strange gaming experience, but the over 250,000 players who enjoyed the first game will beg to differ.

To me, a farming simulator sounds like a very boring experience. Farming is not action packed, full of laughs, or even an action that many consider to be enjoyable. This game, however, provided a very different experience for me as a long-time gamer that I had never engaged in before. While I would not consider this game one of my favorite releases this year, I would definitely say that it is worth a try for any gamer searching for a nontraditional video game experience.

The premise of the game is exactly as the title would suggest; farm the land and earn a living. The game offers a variety of farming experiences, such as animal husbandry, growing crops, and selling product. With success, players will find that earning profits will allow for the purchase of new farm equipment or even lead to hiring new staff.

Visually, the game was very basic. On the Nintendo 3DS, 3D environments are very limited. This resulted in very low-resolution machinery models and basic structures. Though I did not find this distracting during gameplay, I felt it prevented me from becoming as engaged in the experience as I could have been. I am not usually a fan of using the 3D functionality on my Nintendo 3DS, but Farming Simulator 14 actually looked a bit better with the slider up during play.

The sounds of the farm were exactly what one would expect from a true farming simulation. The rumble of farming equipment felt natural to me and the ambient music in the background provided a relaxing feel that was neither distracting nor ill-fitting to the overall game.

The controls of this game felt very responsive and fairly fluid. Controlling the large machinery felt tasking, as I would imagine operating farming equipment would be. The ability to designate specific farm equipment to till the land or perform other task helped to stifle some of the potentially boring aspects of the game. I had no desire to simply drive tractors with plows up and down fields all day, so I quickly automated the process. With little instruction within the game itself, I was easily confused and left to experiment with controls and functions. Without the help of my provided reviewers guide, I would have been lost and most likely discouraged by game. I highly suggest that players who desire to play a Farming Simulator for the first time seek online guides for assistance.

Did I have fun with Farming Simulator 14? Honestly, the game was not the conventional sort of enjoyable experience that I usually engage in. I found the experience to be relaxing and I spent many nights laying in bed, tending to my virtual fields. I didn’t have “fun” intrinsically, but I instead felt the game to be therapeutic after playing many high action, violent games.

This farming simulation is not a traditional “game”. That being said, I felt that I could not simply provide a traditional numerical score for the overall experience in Farming Simulator 14. Instead, I would like to recommend the game to anyone who would like to relax and tend to a peaceful farm in a virtual space. I suppose players could find a competitive drive to earn copious amounts of money in the game, but I felt no such obligation. Farming Simulator 14 will definitely provide a unique experience for the average gamer.

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