Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition Review

I don’t think there is much I can say that hasn’t already been said about Another World. A game often times said to be ahead of it’s time, this cult classic still holds up today with it’s unique gameplay and interesting approach to storytelling.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Another World is a narrative driven platformer set on a mysterious and hostile alien world. The game’s protagonist, a physicist named Lester Knight Chaykin, is transported to this inhospitable planet after a lightning bolt strikes Lester’s underground facility and disrupts his particle accelerator which was being used to reconstruct what happened before the creation of the universe.

After being hurled through space and time, the player immediately assumes control of Lester and must guide him as he attempts to traverse through this treacherous alien landscape. At a time when the majority of games provided some UI elements, Another World was unique in that it featured no UI elements whatsoever. No health bar, no timer, no map. A design choice that both allowed the player to immerse themselves in the world but also created an initial sense of being both lost, and a bit helpless.

The game’s difficulty primarily derives from the player’s knowledge of the game’s sequences. First time players, especially those who have never seen the game in action, can expect to die. A lot. However, it usually only takes a few deaths to finally figure out the proper way to approach the sequence. There’s a small sense of triumph in getting past that initially troubling puzzle or encounter. I would describe this difficulty as being “just right”. Fine tuned to not allow a player to simply run and gun through the caverns and city, but not so difficult as to dissuade those who are completely unfamiliar with the game.

As this is the 20th Anniversary Edition, the game features remastered audio and updated graphics. The game allows you to switch between the updated and original graphics, and also gives you the option to choose between the remastered and original audio. I believe fans will approve of the graphical enhancements that we see in this updated version. Even with the redone graphics and audio, the game has managed to still contain the unique look and charm it is often heralded for. So for the avid fan, or maybe someone who has fond memories of Another World but hasn’t played it in a long time, this is a definite buy. Overall, I give this game an 8/10, I highly recommend picking this one up and trying it for yourself.

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