Kickstarter Exclusive: Cult County

Cult County is an awesome Kickstarter in dire need of your support! The minds behind the Dementium games have created an all-new horror game for your enjoyment.

Cult County is a first-person survival horror game presented in an episodic format. Designed in the same style as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, this game will provide a new gaming experience for fans of the horror genre.

The game will feature story-driven gameplay in a small West Texas town. Your character will be vulnerable to a variety of terrifying enemies and bosses alike. This game is being developed by Renegade Kid, the team behind the Dementium Series and Moon.

Cult County will be available for WiiU, Nintendo 3DS, Steam, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and PSVita after being successfully funded. Check out this great new horror game and pledge to see this game be funded!

Check them out: Cult County

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